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Animate, Educate & Captivate the minds of little stars everywhere!

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Stand back Disney! Eat your heart out Pixar! Now your child can experience their very own animated mini-movies - starring them. You’ve heard of personalized books, right? Well imagine a personalized animated video starring your beautiful child. Your child is transformed into the lead character of their own video-story. They will see themselves, hear and see their name, watch and learn as they go on wild, wacky, educational adventures!

Screen-time reimagined

Imagination is a fundamental building block of early childhood development. Whimsifull video stories captivate the imagination of your child in a never-before-seen way by bringing them right into the story! This magical experience boosts confidence as their character goes on new adventures and learns novel lessons, enhancing imaginative play during off-screen time.

Each story is narrated and accompanied by the words on the screen, allowing children to follow along as the story is being told. Through sound and visual representation, the stories promote early reading and enhance memory recall, satisfying the needs of both the parent and the child.

What to expect from the stories

Whimsifull stories nurture childhood curiosities in a fun and educational way and have been developed by early childhood educators, authors and editors with the goal of promoting early literacy. With a rapidly shifting world, Whimsifull is committed to creating and sharing stories that are rich in morals, diversity, promote mindfulness and are quite frankly bursting at the seams with FUN!

Galactic Getaway
Ocean Adventure
Hidden Treasure - Coming Soon!Coming Soon!
Saves the day - Coming Soon!Coming Soon!